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"All I wanted was just what everybody else wants, you know, to be loved. "

Rita Hayworth


It would appear that from the beginning of time itself we men have always experienced maximum confusion in trying to interpret the meaning of that simple feminine need: to be loved

We need to realise, therefore, that the quality of our response to that need will determine how successful the relationship with our partner will be. We sometimes fail to understand what is required. can help you grow closer to your partner by


Increasing the quality of love, harmony and laughter in a relationship
Providing guidance in all areas of sexual intimacy and interactivity
Opening  relationships to external positive inputs
Awakening partners to the exploration of the unknown
Ensuring the longevity of a relationship
Deepening emotional impact between partners
Resolving conflicts positively and constructively
Encouraging joint pursuits of experience and knowledge


Making Couples Happy and its companion blog are areas that modern man must explore if he wants to develop a closer loving relationship with his partner!






We, therefore, have compiled a list of topics which will provide registered subscribers with weekly romantic activities aimed at encouraging and strengthening their relationship with their partners. 

Each week we will provide you with a valuable romantic activity which is calculated to make your relationships more enjoyable, more exciting and more satisfying.   These activities along with our accompanying commentaries will reinforce and sustain your relationship over a long period of time.


Consider the topics below:

While these topics may appear simple you will quickly realise, once you have started this journey with us, that each topic unfolds to include a special commentary aimed at stimulating your imagination and giving you clarity in the interpretation of what is really behind such simple words. 

As a female reader said:

“What an excellent idea to give some romantic advice to a man!! One always reads in women’s magazines what a man should do, but nobody tells them specifically what to do or how to go about it!”

     Eva Santo         



Once you have registered with us you will be able to give us your personal feedback through our “Making Couples Happy Blog”.

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Jon Orcamen